Monday, February 6, 2012

Can't sleep

Do you ever have those nights where you DESPERATELY want to sleep but you have a million trillion zillion things running through your head which makes it absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to do so????  Well...that's me right now folks!!!

Today, I had a long chat with my fiance, who is currently living in another city, to discuss - what other than - wedding stuff!!  That's what's keeping me awake right now...DIY boutonnieres, music to be played during the heck I am going to master DIYing mercury glass....

I say it all the time, but I do not handle stress very well.  I wish I was one of those super zen people who cared, but really didn't care about everyTHING!!!!  Like, for my upcoming bridal is KILLING me to not plan it ALL!!!  I have agreed to let my mom, future mother-in-law, sisters and bridal party to plan it for me...or have I?????  I am such a micro-managing FREAK that when they ask me the littlest question, I have soo many answers and suggestions that I end up reshaping everything and getting involved when I shouldn't be.  I don't like that I'm like this...  The second an event or a project comes up, I am already thinking of million ways to do it, how to make it most efficient, have the biggest wow factor, ensure it is unique, be better than similar projects or events, blah BlaH, BLAHHHHH.  I need to LET GO!!!!  Obviously it's not good for me to take on too much when I know I over stress about it too....BAD COMBO!!!!!!!!  But I feel like if there is any time to be a total freak, than it's right now, for MY wedding.  When my friends got married, I would think about what I would do.  Now it's here!!!  Now I'm stapling my fingers together as I try to create a fan out of what turned out to look like paper snowflake.......seriously, what do I get myself into!?!??!?!?!

It was a good shopping day today.  I bought some super cute decoration type stuff which I LOVE and goes along with our 'Love Bird' theme  =)  I want to keep all the deets secret so I can WOW those of you who will be coming to the wedding...but it's SOOO hard!!!!  I want to tell you EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!  I just love being crafty and instead of asking for help, I'm sure I'll kill myself because I want to do it myself and have everyone surprised on the big day!!

I really should start counting sheep backwards from 10,000 now.....

I'm not gunna read this post to review if it makes sense now...I'm sure it'll give me a laugh tomorrow when I realize it was jumpy and I said a million a MILLION times!!!!!  LOL

Ok loves...bonne nuit!!!


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  1. Oh Marla! I feel like I am reading about myself. Why is it that we have a compulsion to take the long road. We'll figure it out one day and I hope that is sooner than later!!! Try not to fret so much about your wedding day. It will be AMAZING! Sweet dreams.