Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Veeeeyyyy Daaaayyyy


So there's this new thing I'm doing...it's kinda weird.  

I've decided to try to use energy to direct the outcome of things that I want in my life.  And I want LOVE!!!  

Let's backtrack - my soulmate/fiance/best friend is exactly 863 km's away from me this Valentine's Day.  Last v-day I was 6,054 km's away from him when I lived in the UK.  Soooo...my crazy plan is I'm gunna send my love energy out there so that this huge force is soo strong that we never have to be apart again!!!!  (told you this logic was kinda weird)!!

Even if you don't have a significant other, I think this can work for your friends and family (or a potential love interest) too!!

There are many beliefs that share this notion and I think it is super romantic and that love defies all rules, all gravity, all logic anyways....so why not believe in love's energy to bring someone to you??  To let that love surround you??  

My Valentine's Day wish is that my love knows how much I love him.  Not is a tacky way where I will say all of these gross mushy things that sound braggy and vomish...but in a way that is simple, and white, and is just real.  I will marry my one true love in less than four months, and I know that whether we are married or not, a world apart, or are in two different states of being...I have this great love energy that I feel all the time from him and my intention is to send it right back to my love on this day, and always!!

If you have your special love somewhere close, give them a bigggg smooch and enjoy this beautiful love day with everyone around you!!!!

OH...PS- and not as a 'PS' afterthought, but a small thing I want to share with you all and contemplated whether or not my subject would mind me sharing this with you!?!?!?  The only way that this Valentine's Day isn't quite so tortured for me, is that I always have this wonderful Valentine every year, since I was born, and who I could not get through this crazy life without...my MOM!!!!  She always does the most cutest things, like this one year she made the most amazing vegetable strudel and engraved hearts on the outside of the phyllo dough so that when it came out of the oven it was bursting with huge hearts, or when she gave me a heart shaped calculator which I used till it broke, and the gorgeous handmade cards she made me year after year...THANK YOU MOMMA!!!  This year my mom gave me the sweetest card and an exquisite reddish pinkish rose...she is the best!!!!  

This softness, love, and affection taught me about romanticism and I LOVE it!!!  I can't wait for the day when I get to shower my children the same kind of love and fill them with warmth that only a mother can!!!  To a woman who will always be my Valentine, my gorgeous mother!!!!!!

My sister also gave me the cutest gift too...which made my morning!!  She wrote a cute message on the back and reminded me that I have lots of love that surrounds me...LOVE IT!!!!

Now I'm off to make some handmade cards out of red heart shaped doilies and later make some brownies for my fam  =)  

Ciao for now!!
I love you all!!
Big x's and o's!!

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  1. My sweet Valentine,

    I love your idea of sending love energy to those who are near and dear to your heart. Valentines day should be every day; we should show a sign of our love every single day. I love you and I am happy that I can make you feel loved.
    All my love forever and always.