Monday, October 18, 2010

Not just =( .... double =(

My perfect place is gone...I'm all alone...and really sad  =(

How could this happen???????????????????????? perfect flat that I described in my last post was almost mine, until it slipped right through our fingers today.

This morning at 9am our estate agent called me and told me that there were 3 offers on our flat.  I have to rewind and tell you that we had undercut the list price by almost 100 pound a week (as advised by our agent) and also because we were way above the amount we had budgeted for.  2 other offers had come in after ours - both slightly higher.  The one thing we had in our advantage was that we had met the landlord and she really liked us, and the fact that we worked for a reputable company and were all professional females.  They wanted us to renegotiate our offer.

After speaking with the girls, we all agreed that we would do this, for real.  All three of us wanted this place, knew we would all be happy with the space, and would only pay the amount we had originally offered, but not a penny more.  After taxes and bills it was way above our budgeted amount, but all flats in London have been so far!

We held our ground at our original offer price, thinking we may have had an advantage because we knew the landlord liked us.

I called our agent back who told us that that simple would not do.  We had to go back in with the highest offer to secure the deal....and we just couldn't do that.

The story ends there.

After an afternoon of feeling soo sad, crying into hands when I got home, and now going to bed with a tear in my eye.

Frustration is getting the best of me.  I really wanted a flat....for real life, but more specifically for my birthday.  It was a goal, a time that seemed sooo far away from when I first arrived in London, that I of course could accomplish the feat.  Now we're here...almost at my birthday...with no more prospects.

ALSO my boyfriend had originally planned on coming to visit me for my birthday, but since I don't have a flat it will not be possible for him to come because it will be too expensive for us to get a hotel room for the duration of his stay here.  I was really looking forward to seeing sucks SOOOO bad that things had to work out like this.

I have been looking for flats...yet again, ALL NIGHT.  Tomorrow - first thing - I'm going to call my estate agent and demand that he find us a place ASAP.  I am just sick of this now.

I'm off to bed, determined that tomorrow will be a better day.  Please send your birthday gifts via good thoughts and a key to a flat!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I am sending my heartfelt positive thoughts your way in hopes that you will find the perfect flat. Hang in there and stay strong. You are sure to find something sooner than later. All my love. Mom

  2. Aww Marla.... I'm so sorry to hear that :( What terribile news to get, but I'm really glad to hear that you're trying to stay optimistic. I know you'll find the most amazing place - just don't give up! It'll all come together my love. Wish I was there to help you out.... But since I'm not, I'm sending you all my love and well wishes. It'll come together <3
    x0x0x Love you to smitherines!!

  3. Mar, hang in there!! I know how disappointed you must be but it will come together - I really believe so.

    Love you lots,
    A.L xx