Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What I've been up to

Hey ya'll...I've been busy this week uploading pics to all my posts - check em out from the beginning!!!

I will be posting another blog (hopefully tomorrow) about everything that's gone on since the monstrosity I wrote last week.

Hope you all had a lovely turkey day....sooooo sad I missed it  =*(

AND A BIG SHOUT OUT TO MY BABY SISTER - she's not a teenager anymore!!!!!!  Welcome to adulthood  =)



  1. Marla,
    I can't wait for tomorrow for two reasons

    1. I am excited to read your new post
    2. I get better looking everyday!

    Love ya sista sista

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  3. Hey Marla - So great to read your posts and finally see some amazing photos - I definitely understand why you're loving London! Any news yet on finding a flat --- I guess that will be the topic of your next post - can't wait to read more......!!!!

    xoxox A LA

  4. Marla, I loved the huge post with all of the pictures! You're having such amazing experiences.. Can't wait to read more. PS love your sister's post in this section ;)

  5. Marla I can't see the pics, HELP!!