Sunday, September 12, 2010

All around London town

Yesterday was BUSY!!!  You are not going to believe what I crammed into one day!!!
I woke up super early (around 7am-ish) and was sooooooo tired!!!  I only had about 4 hours of sleep and had to DRAG myself out of bed.  I had to get up early because I had an appointment in Reading at 9am at the bank...and you all know how dead set on getting a bank account set up I was yesterday!!  
I woke up with a really bloodshot left eye that was watering profusely...not sure if it was from allergies, or from lack of sleep...but it took me 3 times to get my makeup on without it totally smearing all over my face.
I ate 2 pieces of toast with a huge glass of milk and got a ride to the train station.  OH PS - a ‘train’ is an above ground subway, and a ‘tube’ or ‘underground’ is a subway.  I had to take a train to Reading for my appointment but got a quick Starbucks before heading into the bank.  It was soo funny because when I walked into the bank the bank concierge (for lack of a better term) was like ‘Ms. Tullio, so happy to see you again...blah blah blah’.  He only knew my name since I had been in there sooooo many times!!!!!  My fourth attempt to set up a bank account was a success!!!!!!  YAY!!!  FINALLY!!!!  Now time for a phone....
I walked into a few phone places for the second time, but since I won’t be getting a debit card until it is mailed to me (hopefully by Friday) they wouldn’t let me sign up for a phone.  Apparently they need to charge me £1 by swiping my debit card to make sure the card is active - an account number would not suffice.  Hopefully by week end I’ll have my debit card sent to me so I can buy a phone, I’m dying without one!!!  
Next I went to the Reading train station and got a day pass for £19.50 (that’s $31) so that I could go into London for the day....soooo expensive!!!!!!!  It took me over an hour to get there, and 2 tube changes.  Everything was super easy to get around, had no problems navigating my way around the underground which was great!!!  I did find out that it’s going to cost me £85 a week for a week pass....blahhhhhhhhh.  I had taken the train to Paddington station, which is a huge interchange between trains and subways.  Then I went to Nottinghill Gate station, then to Marble Arch.  When I got out at Marble Arch I placed my feet for the first time on London soil!!!  It was a great feeling, I was smiling from ear-to-ear, all by myself, looking like an idiot!!!!  But I didn’t care, it was great!!!  Everything is soo beautiful here, the people are so nice, I have no complaints so far!!  

I walked along Hyde Park, this super big, super famous park in London that is bustling with cars. After looking at this park sooo many times as a reference when looking for a flat, it was so surreal to walk beside it!!  I walked to the place where I will be starting work tomorrow to meet my future boss.  When I arrived I was greeted so warmly by my boss and my coworkers.  It was so exciting to put faces to names and to welcome with such open arms!  My boss showed me where I would need to go when I started work and made it all seem very relaxed.
Next, I decided to go to Buckingham Palace!!  I have always heard about it or seen it in movies, and the thought of being so close to it now (only a couple of kilometers) I just had to go!!  I walked through Green Park to get to there and was sooo excited when I saw it!!!  

I stayed there for a bit, walking around, taking pictures for people, etc and then went back home.  In the tube station I went to use the restroom and had to pay 30 pence to use it...crazy!!!!!!

I arrived back home to eat only my second meal of the day (we won’t count the Burger King fries I picked up along the way).  We ate dinner at the neighbours house (they recently redid their backgarden - that’s what you call a backyard here)..and it is stunning!!!  They have this sunroom now that has glass panelled walls that fold up so that you are sitting completely outside...soo cool!!!  We went in their hot tub, had many laughs, it was really fun!!  Got back home late and hit the sack around 3am again...I HATE jet lag!!!
This morning I work up at noon, had a great bbq with the family and organized all my luggage, ironed and laid out my work clothes for the week and watched the season finale of Big Brother UK (which is the hugest show ever here).  
Great weekend, great food, great sightseeing, soo excited for my first day of work tomorrow and after work I’ll be going to look at my first flat!!  It is located right near Abby Road (the famous Beatles stomping ground which I will have to go visit too tomorrow)!!!  
Will let you know how things go tomorrow!!


  1. Hey Marla - Sounds like a great Sunday! I have a thought - I wonder if purchasing a Britrail Pass here (or in Canada) would be less expensive for you --- do you want me to check into it for you when I get to work on Monday?

    Have an great 'first day' @ work --- talk later!

    xoxo A LA

  2. Awwww! I just love reading your posts Marla : ) It really does sound like you're having a fabulous time so far, and I honestly couldn't ask for anything better than that. You seem to be on top of the ball, so props to you! I'm super bummed I haven't been able to skype you yet, but I'm going to make sure I'm home when you do it with mom tomorrow.
    Anyways, hope you're having a good sleep and GOOD LUCK on your first day of work! So excited for you : )
    Love you so much x0x0x0x

  3. So exciting! Good luck tomorrow...

    Re: jet lag. A few key things. Get something to help you sleep. I don't mean sleeping pills (hate those) but something with either codeine or a sleep aid (the equivalent of Tylenol PM). Some swear by melatonin - doesn't work for me, but it is all natural. No alcohol past 6 pm - really - until you get your body regulated. Try working out late afternoon for an extra shot of energy or do a run in the morning when you get up. Whatever you do, you need to get into the time zone! Wake up early, go to bed at your regular time - and NO NAPS. They will kill you :-)

    Good LUCK!!!!
    A.L xx

  4. Marla I love reading your blog!!!! Keep them coming :). Miss you! Good luck on your first day!

  5. My amazing Marla, another amazing day. I agree, your posts are wonderful and I can't get enough!!! I am soooooooooooooo happy because you seem happy. Good luck tomorrow finding a flat. Hopefully, it will be sooner than later. I miss you :(

  6. What a day. Two things I mention that stand out as to why you and I are two peas in a pod!:

    " When I got out at Marble Arch I placed my feet for the first time on London soil!!! It was a great feeling, I was smiling from ear-to-ear, all by myself, looking like an idiot!!!! "

    - These are my favourite kinds of smiles, the ones that you have with yourself that you can't keep of your face. The kind that come from a special deep rooted place that are triggered by the simple things. The kind of smiles that make you look goofy to others that see you, but that you don't care because you are simply happy. It's beautiful!

    The second is your pictures. Holy tamales! The pictures on the plane of the screen showing where the plane is (in relation to the earth); you by the London Underground signs; the long tube escalators; "look right"; phone booths; mail box; the fence; the maple leaf. This, sadly, is the first time that I have seen your pictures, but not the first time that I have seen these pictures as I TOOK THE EXACT SAME ONES! I almost died when I looked over them. We truly are family and share a brain!