Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hotel, motel, Holiday Inn

Sorry for not posting in a bit, a lot of things have been going on over here!!!
1. The girl I live with just got a job at Disneyland Paris!!!!!!!!!!  She is going to be Belle and Jasmine (don’t tell the little kiddies)!!!!  She has been dancing for many years and is using her gap year to do something fun with her talents!!  For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, a gap year is year that students take ‘off’ to travel or work before they start university.  I think it is such an amazing way of refocusing and taking time off from what most go through for a 19 years...straight!!!  Why the heck aren’t ppl in North America doing the same thing?  It’s a year to work and make a ton of money to off-set the cost of university, or a year to just travel the world (as most of the kids do here).  I love how my housemate is doing both all in one!!!  She had to go to an open audition where they asked her to dance for x amount of time but every minute (I think) change the type of dance she was doing to reflect the moods the judges were telling her to portray.  Out of almost 600 ppl they asked 22 ppl to stay so that the make-up and hair team could dress the potential mouseketeers up as the characters they thought would best suit them.  Since the judges were really stuck between the 2 characters for my housemate, they decided to pick here for both!!!  I am soo happy for her, she REALLY wanted to get selected!!  I curled her hair the night before so she was all set to go for the next morning.  She is leaving for Paris next Friday (one week from tomorrow) and I will be soo sad to see her go!!  She is the best cupcake maker, ever...and you all know how much I LOVE cupcakes!!!
2. At work today, I was offered the opportunity to stay in a temporary living facility (pretty much a hotel that doesn’t get cleaned everyday) so that I could have a little bit of a reprieve from my commute to work.  I was not provided with compensation for my move, but individuals in management positions or higher are compensated, and also given the chance to stay at this place until they can find a flat.  The reason I ended up here, is that the one of our new employees cannot move to London until Saturday and my employers cannot cancel this already booked reservation.  Instead of waisting the room, they were soo thoughtful and asked if I wanted to take it!!  It is a really cute room, nothing over-the-top, but a much closer place to lay my head for a few nights!!  My commute will only be 15-20 minutes as opposed to 2 hours!!!  I really miss going back to my cute little family in Reading.  They have been such a God send to me during this move that I feel, for the first time, loneliness.  Will this be what it’s like when I finally get a flat...going to the grocery store right after work, making dinner, Skyping family and friends, watching tv, then going to bed?????????????????

3. I went grocery shopping for the first time for my own food!!!!!!  Right after work I went to Sansbury’s they are a huge chain here in London and I got a lot of great things, I even bought a bottle of wine for only about $8!!!  

4. As I stated in a previous post, the company I work for is re-opening the building I work in.  My office space is still under major construction, as is the rest of the building!!  The tour of the building has, thus far, been the best part of my work experiences so far!!  It is sooo great to see - in real life - what I have been envisioning for months.  The building is right in the middle of being conservative, and naturey!!  They wanted to bring the feel of Hyde Park into the building.  In every room you go into you want to touch something...from the leather paneling on the wall, to the sculpted plaster wall sculptures (for lack of a way to describe it), as well as the marble fireplaces and plaid window furnishings.  The is still SOOOOO much that needs to be done, but the concepts are great!!
5. I feel like there is a sooo much more that I could write about OMG I forgot to say that I rode on my first double decker bus today on the way to this hotel!!!!  I sat on the bottom level in the first row on the left hand side.  I wish I could have sat at the very top...especially for the first time, but I was traveling with a co-worker and needed to pay more attention to the route to the hotel, not the beautiful scenery around me!!  We passed by the legendary Oxford street where the worlds best designers line the mouth was watering...literally.  One day I will TEAR THAT STREET UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!  In my mind I bought a little something from each place for each of you!!
Officially DYING of exhaustion...wish I could have included a lot more, but hopefully I will be able to do that this weekend 
Note - it is true that Londoners do not eat good food at ALL!!!!!    This hasn’t been good for my waistband.  I have decided to do as the Londoners do (maybe that’s my excuse to eat my favourite thing in the world) and eat crisps EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!!  My ‘sweetie’ for the day was a Pain au Raisin for breakfast and my favourite vanilla chai latte (grande, non-fat, no-foam, extra hot, sleeve on, travel stick in) from Starbucks.  We’ll have to discuss food in my next blog...there is too much to say, and I need energy to talk about that!!!!!!!!!
Have a great night/day/afternoon/whatever time of the day it is for you!!!!
Don’t forget that pictures and videos are coming soon...stay tuned!!
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  1. Miss you miss you miss you Marla!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey Marla, You are such a trouper!!! I marvel at your stamina and love your sense of humour as you navigate through all your new experiences. You know that few things in life are forever. It is expected that you will go through many emotions. It won't be long until you settle into a routine and life feels normal again. Can't wait to read your next post. Love you tons. Mom

  3. Marla!! Your blogs make me literally Laugh Out Loud!!!! I really look forward to reading your blogs and hearing about your amazing adventures! I cannot wait to hear more stories and see lots of pictures!

    Just remember when you make it big when you sell this blog to MTV or SLICE - Don't forget i'll be be your Co-star ;) haha It doesn't matter if I'm not living through the entire experience along with you... but you can just add my character in ;) hahaha

  4. Dear Marla:

    You are amazing! I LOVE your comments and observations - I feel as though I am there riding right along with you!

    Any day now you'll be in your own flat --- and then the fun begins!

    Love and hugs --- A LA

  5. Good Morning my love! Of course, the day is half over for you ---- coming up is your first glorious weekend in London as a working girl - have fun!!!!

    xoxo A LA

  6. Marla, you are always so thoughtful and make sure to convey it to others. I think it's one of the best things about you. But like me, you seem to enjoy the big and little things around you. They're what make like beautiful, and I am so happy to see that you have discovered this!