Monday, September 13, 2010

Another day another dollar...I mean pound...

So I was up bright and early. Maybe not soo bright because I was up so early, but I guess bright because it was light outside.....................N E WAYS.....I was up early - and had to peal myself out of bed because I hardly slept...again.  I think it was in anticipation of what today would bring, even the gravol I had taken before bed didn’t help!!
I had to be out of the house at 6:50am the latest in order to allow for enough time to get a ride to the train station, take the 7:08 train to Earling Broadway, change there to get to the underground to Bond Street, change again and to get to Green Park, and change a last time to get to Hyde Park Station.  Today was a real kick in the pants (oh - and pants means underwear here..hehe) because I went to get a week pass at the train station, but I didn’t have a passport sized photo so I had to get another day pass....and SINCE IT WAS HIGH TIME FOR TRAVEL I had to pay £27.50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I wanted to DIE!!!!!!!!!!!  That’s close to FIFTY DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’s still killing me now...n e ways again (having trouble focusing), I got to work....after getting super lost, but I was still 15 minutes early.  Fasinating because it took me ONE HOUR and FORTY SEVEN MINUTES to get to work.

Ok, I just read my post and it kind of yelled back at me...sorry for that!!
Non yelling now...
First day of work was great, people were amazing, I work in a basement, I got to answer a lot of calls and help a lot of people....did I say I work in a basement!!?!?!?!?  I think they conveniently forgot to mention that in the application process!!!!!  It’s not too bad though, aside from the constant sawing and banging that is going on above my head at all times, it’s relatively quiet!!!  Hahahhaha...I just have to laugh because I am delirious right now...but it is quite funny!!!  Thankfully I wore flats today, there is cardboard on the ground everywhere, and with my clumsy nature, my heal would have dug in for sure and I would have gone flying in the opposite direction!!
I should have prefaced this by saying that I currently work in a construction I am not doing any sort of ‘constructing’, but the building I am working in has been closed for business for a few years in order for some massive remodeling to be done.  It is still not completed yet (due to open again for business in late December) so right now it is all dust, concrete, some areas are carpeted, and minimally furnished.  It’s actually kinda cool being there during this time, seeing all of the progress being done, it’s fun!!  I get to have a walk through the building on Wednesday to see what it looks like and I’m really pumped about that!!!
My coworkers are really great and my boss seems to be such a great guy.  I also work with this really cute English girl how is already making me laugh every time she talks!!  I have purposely been trying to avoid calling ‘trousers’ ‘pants’ because if you say ‘pants’ it means underware.  This girl kept said PANTS all day under her breath and I want cracking up!!!  I guess it’s slang for ‘crap’...but super funny to me non-the-less!!!
Since I don’t have a flat yet, I have been told that durning work time I can search for a flat online or make outbound calls as it relates to a flat inquiry.  I thought that was soo kind of them!!  They are also allowing me (and other new hires in the same situation obviously) to go look at flats during work hours if it can’t be done at other times.  Since I have been freaking out about this, I am so happy they are doing this!!!
After work, I hopped on a train which took me North to St. John’s Wood station...pretty close to work...really cute neighbourhood, etc. to see my first FLAT!!!!  (pause here to allow your excitement to dwindle)  Although I loved the flat - it was tidy, furnished nicely, ready to move in tomorrow - the 35 year old Spanish woman who would be my flatmate told me that there was a third bedroom that had been rented out to a Moroccan guy and he moved in this past weekend...what the HECK (sorry for the yelling) I don’t want to share with a GUY!!!!  And there is only 1 bathroom for all of us to share!!  How weird...maybe some people could do that, but I wouldn’t want to live with anyone else besides my super sweet family or my amazing boyfriend. I would feel so awkward all the time.  And this lady said he is a musician who keeps ‘unconventional’ hours.  GREAT. Just what someone wants to hear!!!!!!  So as I was peacing out of there, another guy was waiting in the hallway for his turn to see the flat.  He can have it!!!!!!!  
By this point it was 7pm, I only had a sandwich, fruit salad and a rose flavoured lemonade for lunch (note I had not put one thing in my mouth till 12:30pm), so I was super tired, hungry and still had a 2 hour commute back to Reading.  
Tiredly I sat forEVER on the subway and got picked up at 8:48pm.  At home I had a fajita, curled my housemates hair and wrote this blog.  
Now I really want to sleep, but want to say I miss everyone!!!!!!!  Today is my grandpa’s 83rd birthday  =(   I couldn’t be there and that sucks.  The worst thing about this move is missing out on people’s lives.  Missing my best friends 3 month old peanut grow up, not being there when my mom get’s a sweet new job and I can’t give her a hug, not being able to yell down the hall to my sisters room and tell her that she’s amazing for going back to school for her second degree, not being able to visit my other sister and have my head get all banged up from her stupid headboard, not being able to cheer my boyfriend along as he takes a step in his schooling career (as he always does for me) SUCKS!!!  Sitting on the train for 4 hours does that to you...messes up your mind, blahhh....and I was doing soo good!!!!!!!!!!!  Crying now, I have to go to bed.
Goodnight and blahhhhh......waking up in 5 1/2 hours.....


  1. Sending hugs and kisses! (and hopefully some pick me ups!)

    Lots of love,

    Natalee, Chris, Brady and Angel

  2. It was soo nice to hear that abour your first day! Sounds incredible!! Love you and miss you tons!


  3. Although, I'm sure most of us in the same position as you are in, would also end our communications in tears, I have to say that your blog makes me smile and laugh as I read. I see a book deal in your future and perhaps even a movie! As you sit there on your 2 hrs commute, you might want to ponder who you would like to see "play you"!?!?!?!

  4. You are so naturally funny. The "yelling" comment had me literally laughing out loud (not to be confused with lots of love). And I made sure to let my excitement dwindle before reading on!

    It sure is tough being away from those you love and their lives, but we are lucky to live in an age that we can stay involved even from miles - and oceans - away =)