Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Taking the fast train in life

Didn’t want to write too much today (I think I may have gotten the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome from my last post) but I did want to mention that I GOT ON THE FAST TRAIN TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That means I made it home by 7:20pm....the earliest I have gotten home EVER!!!!  
I usually get home just after 8pm, so today was a real treat!!  I just checked my emails, followed up on a couple of potential flats (I hope to see these two great ones this week)....and basically isolated myself to CHILL!!!  
Today was CRAZY at work, there were sooooooo many people in and out of the office because they are doing a mass hire.  It felt like there was around 50 people crammed like sardines into a 20x20 office today...hot and because it is in the basement....claustrophobic!!!!
BUT I CAUGHT A FAST TRAIN TODAY....YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hey Marla Barla! I tried to post comments 3 times and for some reason I was denied the posting (some techno glitch I think!). Sounds like your job is keeping you busy as is the search for a flat. Any luck with that yet? Are you going to have a roomie - perhaps someone from work...?

    Did you have fun with Aunt Elizabeth --- I'm sure you guys did some really fun stuff - I'm looking forward to seeing some pics soon!

    I just got home from a 2 day manager's meeting in N.C. --- glad to be home but I'm exhausted. Will write more this weekend.

    All my love and lots of hugs! A LA

  2. It is quite amazing how joyful something small like catching the fast train home can really make your day. It's also interesting how getting home at 7:20 is early =)